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png5          Eastern and Southern African Pastoralists Network

The Global Network - WOPA

Since 2005 an initiative has been going on to aggregate the hundreds of millions of pastoralists in a global advocacy movement. Such movement began to consolidate itself after the Global Pastoralist Meeting in Segovia, Spain, in 2007, and particularly after the Global Meeting of Women Pastoralists in 2010 in Mera, India, in indigenous issues and food sovereignty forums under the name WAMIP (World Alliance of Mobile Indigenous Peoples). The pastoralist representatives are notable members of the pastoral communities, capable of organizing the incipient advocacy movement. It is around that movement that the origin of ESAPN starts to come true.

Pastoralist representatives attending the Global Pastoralist Gathering at Kiserian, Kenya in 2013 agreed to begin a process of regional networking, both to strengthen the global network and to consolidate pastoralist advocacy at the local level. It is then that the founding reresentatives of ESAPN acquire a more official character as representatives of the Eastern and Southern African pastoral collectives, but also when other ample pastoral networks are consolidated in Central and West Africa, in Central and South Asia, in Latin America, in the Arab countries and in Europe. Up to this stage, the process was had been strongly supported by IUCN's World Initiative for Sustainable Pastoralism.

After various regional meetings were held in 2015 and 2016 and regional networks were strengthened, supported by FAO's Pastoralist Knowledge Hub, the pastoralist civil society movement reaches enough strength at that level in order to to raise a new structure that organizes the defense of pastoralist interests more efficiently and, in line with the times, governed by the associations that support the pastoral demand. This step is also taken given the strengthening of the pastoralist associative movement in the last decade. It then when the World Pastoralist Alliance (WoPA) is born.

WoPA is now composed of eight regional networks worldwide and coordinates the efforts of ESAPN and its allies at the global level. For more inforamtion visit

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